What Color Is This Dress? Don’t Ask Your Hamster

One of the latest controversies on the Internet wouldn’t bother hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs or other small animal pets.

two-tone dress
Source: Tumblr/Swike
What colors do you see?

Prepare to have your mind blown, because your eyes may deceive you. A photo of a dress is causing people to nearly come to blows. Why? Because some see the dress as being blue and black, and others see the dress as being white and gold. 

The controversy began among friends, who saw different colors looking at the photo. A Tumblr user named Swike then took the controversy to Tumblr with the innocuous title “What Color Is This Dress?” and waited for the world to respond, and it has. Big time. Almost Internet meltdown big time. 

Why the fuss over one question? Because people who see white and gold swear that those who don’t are lying — and vice versa. What do you see? Now ask a friend or family member what they see. Usually this is where exchanges like: “Are you colorblind?” or “Are you messing with me?” start.

To make matters even more interesting, some people see first one color combo and the next time they look they see the other. Keep in mind this is all while looking at the same photo.

Eyesight is sometimes not the best sense for our small animal pets, and color sense is usually less than that of people. So while you are quietly (or not so quietly) freaking out about #dressgate, your ferret, hamster, rabbit or other small animal pet will remain calm and be there for you as an anchor to sanity.

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