What Cats Think Of Smells

"Hambrosia," "Deja shoe," and "Rear-end collision" describe but a few of the scents cats sense in our midsts.

Sniff out these scents. Via Pixabay

Cats have an excellent sense of smell, and are keen on sniffing anything with an especially pleasing or disgusting odor. Well, we humans think the odors are disgusting – cats actually like the stinky-stink. It stands to reason that, due to their love of all things aromatic, kitties would have an extensive collection of Fanglish cat slang terms to describe anything related to fragrances.

The feline informant who shares new Fanglish terms with us each week was excited about the current offerings. He told me he created a few of them himself! Although he’s quite the wordsmith, he reminded me that he’s going against the rules of the worldwide cat community by sharing any of the underground lingo with humans. I promised him we’d keep this information to ourselves, and then gave him the bag of cat treats he requires in exchange for the weekly delivery.

We’ll keep that promise, and enjoy a peek into the secret lexicon our cats call “Fanglish.” Before you read any further, make sure your cats are nowhere in sight. You might want to lock yourself in the bathrom. Wait – a human behind a locked bathroom door is a certain recipe for cats going bonkers. Just watch your back, OK? Here’s your Fanglish lesson!


Smelling a human’s coat, looking for unfamiliar odors.
The Lady came home from work, and Matilda commenced with the coat-checking.

Rear-end collision

The meeting of one cat’s nose and another cat’s bottom.
Maxine walked into the kitchen and immediately had a rear-end collision with Applesauce.

Deja shoe

A cat’s feeling he’s already smelled a particular shoe, but can’t recall the particular incident.
King Floppy rested his nose in The Man’s loafer, and felt a rush of deja shoe.

Secret escape

A cat’s elation in smelling a spot on the carpet that’s invisible to the human eye.
Matilda watched The Man’s confusion as she enjoyed a secret escape in the family room.

Right of first refuse-al

An alpha cat’s privilege of being the first to smell fresh trash in an overturned can.
Monkey swatted Tabitha and Patches away from the cheeseburger wrapper because he had right of first refuse-al.


The attractive scent of ham.
Misty loved Easter because it meant endless hours of hambrosia.


Following the scent of a package that recently arrived in the home.
Pancake heard the Lady open the front door, jumped off the bed, and began package-tracking into the kitchen.

Human interest

Engrossment in the scent of a new human who’s entered the home.
The Man’s housewarming party provided lots of opportunity for Kibble’s human interest.

Dr. Who

A cat who smells foreign to other cats after returning from a vet visit.
When Latte walked out of the carrier, Popsicle and Gravytrain treated her like Dr. Who.

That’s all for this week! We hope you’ll join us next week for another selection of fine Fanglish terms. Until then, remember to zip your lips!

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