What Can I Do to Combat Cat Hair on My Clothes and Furniture?

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers advice for getting rid of cat hair from clothes and furniture.

Q: My home and clothes have cat hair everywhere. What can I do?

A: Cat hair looks great on your cat but not so great on you or the furniture. I remember an incident with a friend one evening. We were going to an occasion at a nice restaurant and he sat down on one of my couches for just a moment to pet one of my cats (which I approve of whole-heartedly). Unfortunately, when he stood up the back of his black pants were covered in hair which I didn’t notice until we walked into the restaurant. Luckily I always have lint brushes in the house (and in my purse) and I was able to tactfully suggest he visit the gents with my lint brush.

Good cat grooming, such as daily brushing, helps control hair problems of both longhaired cats and shorthaired cats, and you may have more problems with shorthaired cats. I have observed that their undercoat of hair has more body oil (because it is closer to the skin) and is harder to clean up. The oil makes the hair cling more and that means more can adhere to your furniture, carpets and clothes. Cat hair seems is less likely to stick to woven fabrics, denim and leather, though leather furniture could show nail marks from cats jumping on and off. Again, be aggressive with the cat brush to help with cat hair.

Wood and tile floors are much easier to clean than carpet, especially if you use a micro-fiber mop. To help clean your carpets of hair, run a powerful upright vacuum on them every few days. Use the attachments to clean up carpeted tree houses, cat beds and other favorite areas. In addition to a lint roller, both a damp sponge and masking tape are very good for cleaning up cat hair. Sometimes I even dampen my hand and then gently pet my kitties to pick up surface hair. They are happy, and the hair that could end up my clothes goes in the trash.

A little determination will hopefully you can get your cat hair problems under control. As always I welcome your stories and suggestions. Visit my website here and follow me on Twitter.

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