Whale Shark Does Barrel Roll To Avoid Sea Turtle Off Australia’s Gold Coast

The largest fish in the world is pretty adept in the ocean.

Whale shark in shallow water. Via Feefiona123/Wikipedia

What does a whale shark do when it crosses paths with a sea turtle? It swims sideways in order to avoid a collision.

Instagram user australiascoralcoast shot some interesting footage of a whale shark performing a barrel roll to avoid a sea turtle that was apparently swimming in its path.



The whale shark is massive, estimated at 9 meters in length when compared to the sea turtle, but the ocean is big and the whale shark seemingly maneuvered at just the right time to avoid swimming into the sea turtle. Surely both sea creatures knew of each other’s presence, but it still is a pretty cool video showing animal behavior in the “sea lanes.”

whale shark
This whale shark performs an evasive maneuver to avoid colliding with a sea turtle.

The video was captured by snorkelers at Ningaloo Reef, off West Australia’s Coral Coast where whale sharks are known to congregate.


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