Wet Hot American Summer. With Cats.

Campers climed walls, made arts-and-crafts and shared stories around the "campfire" to play like cats and get tips for the best care for their little beasts, all at Cat Camp.

Photo by Purina

Last Thursday I went to summer camp. OK, not a real camp but one with adoptable cats and kittens sponsored by Purina ONE, the same folks that brought the first pop-up cat café to NYC last summer. The cats and kittens at this year’s event were provided by local shelter Animal Haven.

The objective of Cat Camp, open to the public over the weekend was, according to Purina ONE Brand Manager Brian Williams, “A fun way for cat lovers to experience all the things that feed into whole body health for cats.”


The camp included activities like a climbing wall to simulate how cats like to be up high, to better survey their domain. And while I did not partake in that, nabbing a kitten to force snuggle instead (sorry kitty!).

A campfire manned by a Purina vet stood by ready to answer any questions visitors might have and an arts and crafts area for “campers” to make DIY puzzle feeders for their own cats. The camp also offered stretching and yoga, which we all know is very cat-like in nature, and can provide bonding time for you and your cats. I was lucky enough to snag a rather hefty and tolerant ginger yoga partner who tolerated my tree pose.

Maybe I’ll go home and try some of the new yoga poses. Wonder which of my cats I can outrun to snag as a partner!

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