Westminster Unleashed

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, from its history, to its stars, to what makes it one-of-a-kind.

Westminster Dog Show 2012
Meet the new breeds, take a quiz, throw a party and get the results at our 2012 Westminster Dog Show Headquarters.

Scottish Deerhound Triumphs on Night Two
After two days of surprises, a Scottish Deerhound takes Best in Show at Westminster 2011.

Westminster Dogs Steal Hearts on Valentine’s Day
Night one of the biggest event in dogdom kicks off with a few crowd favorites.

Dog Writers Take Manhattan 2011
Groups honor the year’s best dog writing in the run up to Westminster.

Former POW Takes the Field at Westminster
DOG FANCY Editor Ernie Slone blogs from the green carpet at Westminster about one unique handler.

Top Show Dogs for 2010 Honored
56th Annual Show Dogs of the Year Awards dinner honors top-winning dogs, handlers and more.

Who Will Take It All at Westminster 2011?
One of these seven contenders might strut its stuff all the way to Best in Show.

Westminster 2011 Welcomes Six New Dog Breeds
The Boykin Spaniel, Bluetick Coonhound and four others compete for the first time at the legendary event.

Scottish Terrier Wins Best in Show at Westminster
Sadie the Scottie sailed through competition to capture Best in Show in the country’s main event.

Awards Show Hails Top Show Dogs for 2009
Show Dogs of the Year Awards dinner honors top-winning dogs, handlers and more.

Three New Dog Breeds Debut at Westminster
Norwegian Buhund, Pyrenean Shepherd and Irish Red and White Setter compete at this year’s event.

Awards Salute the Top Dogs in Writing, Publishing
Canine champions aren’t the only ones winning awards during Westminster.

Meet Westminster’s Oldest and Youngest Dogs
Canine competitors at this year’s show range from 10 months old to nearly 13 years.

All Dogs Go to Hotel Pennsylvania
Westminster’s canine competitors are welcomed in style for the 2010 event.

Who Will Be Top Dog?
A look at the probable contenders for the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Records Set and History Made at Westminster
Rare breeds wow dog show aficionados and spectators alike in two days of competition.

Uno: America’s New Dog Icon
The 2008 Westminster-winning Beagle has earned a new kind of canine celebrity status.

This Year’s Top Dogs
A sneak peek at Westminster’s most promising canine contenders in 2009.

Dog Drool Is Cool at Westminster 2009
Dogue de Bordeaux will take his first lap around the Westminster show ring this year.

The Underdogs of Westminster
Three owner-handlers recount their experiences at the most prestigious dog show in the country.

Hounding Down a Best in Show
Beagle makes history as the first to win Westminster’s top honor in 2008. The Battle for Best in Show
Meet seven top dogs in the running for Westminster’s highest honor in 2008.

The Plott Thickens
Bone up on the history of four dog breeds competing for the first time at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

This Year’s Top Dogs
With an impressive parade of likely canine contenders, Westminster looks to further its tradition of excellence in 2008.

Where Do You Go After Best in Show?
Find out what former Westminster Best in Show winners are up to now.

English Springer Spaniel Wins Westminster 2007
James competed against six other exceptional show dogs for America’s most prestigious title.

Behind the Scenes at Westminster 2007
Follow along as we take you behind the scenes of the nation’s most famous dog show with running commentary from editor Annamaria DiGiorgio.

Hotel Pennsylvania Goes the Extra Mile 
The facility caters to visitors in town for the Westminster Dog Show.

Handicapping Westminster Challengers
Here are some dogs to watch during the 2007 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Westminster Viewing Guide 
Decode terms and the judging process with a cheat sheet for all things Westminster.

…With Bated Breath
Breeders, handlers, press, and spectators anticipate the sold-out 131st Westminster show.

First-Timer’s Guide to Westminster 
Whether at the show or watching from home, here’s what you need to know.

The Secret Lives of Show Dogs 
Up close and personal with Westminster contenders.

The Glory, the Glamour, the Garden
The club’s founding members resolved to create an unforgettable show; 130 years later, Westminster remains unsurpassed.

The Wintry Westminster of 2006 
Dog lovers climb snow banks to get to the show.

Inside Westminster 
For the people and dogs competing at Westminster, winning isn’t the only good thing.

The Voice of Westminster 
Meet David Frei, the man who gives the venerable dog show its voice.

Rufus Reigns at Westminster 
An animated and confident Bull Terrier classic wins the famed show.

The Real Rufus 
Up close and personal with the donut-loving Bull Terrier who won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

History of Westminster 
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the second-oldest, continuous sporting event in America.

An Exhibitor’s First Westminster 
Seeing the dogs in the ring at their best is the exhibitor’s reward.

Campaigning a Dog 
How can you and your dog get to Westminster?

What Makes Westminster Different? 
The importance of Westminster from a show dog person’s perspective.

Westminster in Truly Living Color
At the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, every dog is a champion.

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