Westminster Kennel Club Trivia Contest

Answer all 10 questions correctly for a chance to win a free book from BowTie Press

Dogs in Review is testing your Westminster Kennel Club knowledge. Answer all 10 questions correctly, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free book from BowTie Press.

Send your answers to info@dogsinreview.com. After February 14, 2012, we’ll announce the winner. Send one answer per question. Multiple responses from the same sender will not be considered. Good luck!

Test your knowledge of Westminster present and past with these brainteasers.

1. What judging couple each awarded a Best in Show at Westminster: the husband in 1999 and the wife in 2003?

2. What breed has captured Hound Group 1 three times in the past six years?

3. Can you name the dogs mentioned in the previous question?

4. In what decade did TV coverage of Westminster begin?

5. Who was the first female owner-handler to go Best in Show at Westminster, and in what decade?

6. Who was the first dog with an obedience title to go Best in Show?

7. In what year did Westminster become the first champions-only show held under AKC rules?

8. What husband-and-wife judging team were former TV announcers at Westminster?

9. What major change happened in 1941?

10. What baseball great owned a dog that was entered at Westminster in 1933?

The Westminster Kennel Club 136th Annual All Breed Dog Show Guide And Record Book 2012

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