Westminster Dog Show Party

Join in the celebration by hosting your own Westminster Dog Show party, complete with decorations, food, drinks and voting ballots to choose Westminster Best-in-Show.

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Posted: February 2012

The Westminster Dog Show is the nation’s second longest running sporting event; the Kentucky Derby is first by just one year. Join in the celebration and competition by hosting your own Westminster party, complete with ballots to bet on which dog will be the 136th Westminster Best-in-Show. Enjoy the prestige and glamour of the Westminster Dog Show right in your own living room!

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westminster partyFood and drinks are a must have for any party. Check out our food and drink recipes for the 2-legged party guests. Don’t like to cook? Other fun choices are hot dogs (because of the name), pigs in a blanket (what dog doesn’t like sausage?), and famous New York Pizza would be appropriate and fun. Champagne and sparkling cider make festive drink choices and are both a golden color. Be sure to have plenty of treats and toys for your 4-legged friends too!

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Use our ballot to put in your votes pre-show time and having fun betting on who will win. Maybe your friends will bet money, but you could also bet a week of dog walking, a dog training or grooming session, or as hostess you could provide a basket of dog-related goodies for the winner.

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Westminster Dog Show Westminster Dog Show Ballot

You can also entertain the kids with dog breed coloring books and a hide-and-seek game with dog figurines. Another fun activity would be a “name that dog breed” quiz or a Westminster trivia game.

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Using the gold and purple colors of the Westminster Show as a guide, groom your house for dog-show perfection. Spruce up your table with a purple table cloth and gold paper plates. A gold trophy makes a cute center piece, which you can fill with either a nice boutique of purple flowers or use for snacks such as chips, nuts, or bread. You can buy all of these items are your local party store.

Since the theme of the night is dogs, adding figurines of the past Westminster Best-in-Show Winners to the table is a cute way to set the tone (for list of past winners, click here). Alternatively, you can display your favorite breed(s). If you are having a sit-down dinner, you can use these as your place card holders.

If you and your friend’s compete in dog shows, use your own award ribbons to complete the decorations. If not, you can buy award ribbons at your local party store. Hanging them on the walls, drape them on the table top and/or attach to the corners of the tables and chairs.


Enjoy the Show!


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