Westminster: Behind the Scenes

Follow three top dogs as they compete at one of the world's most prestigious dog shows.

A delicate and adorable snow-white Toy Poodle named Vikki. A composed and wise Akita named Macey with far-seeing eyes. A merry, baying Beagle named Uno, whose tail never stops moving. Each the best of its breed. Each spending nearly every weekend in 2007 on the road, winning dog shows.

But at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York on Feb. 11 and 12, there would be only one.

If you watched the show or the news that day, you probably already know how this story turns out. But … shhhhh! Don’t spoil it for the others. Full of jubilation and heartbreak, this is a tale of three stellar dogs and their handlers – how they worked their way through the most prestigious dog show in the United States hoping to achieve that legendary status as Westminster’s Best in Show.

DOG FANCY picked three potential winners and followed them around to see how far they would get. Did we pick a winner?
Here are their stories.

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