Wes Anderson Makes Stop Motion Animated Movie About Dogs

Hipsters and their dogs rejoice!

If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson films (like me!) and a fan of dogs (also, like me!) then the following news is most likely to get your tail wagging. The online culture blog Indiewire has reported that the next movie from Anderson will be a stop motion film about dogs. Anderson has already experimented with stop motion animals in The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was a critical hit, so with those kinds of chops under his belt, this movie should be a great one.


 wes anderson movie about dogs

Photo from Indiewire 

Unfortunately no details are known about the upcomping film at this time, but based off of Anderson’s habits, a few things can definitely be assumed. The chances of actors such as Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Angelica Houston lending their voices to the project is high. In addition, we can expect to see intricate set designs and bright colors that Anderson is known well for. One thing I am hoping for is he portrays dogs in a slightly better light than in The Fantastic Mr. Fox:


At this time, Anderson does not own a dog, and perhaps never has. It would be a good time for him to invest in one so he can really understand the life of a dog and how they use their body, instead of words, to show emotion. On second thought, if this is a movie where the dogs are speaking with human voices, that might not matter too much. We will keep you posted as more information about this movie comes available. For right now, details are being kept on a pretty short leash.

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