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Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Expert Advice

“The single most important thing someone can do with their Corgi pup is to socialize, socialize and socialize some more. They need daily exposure to people, dogs, other animals and new situations. You don’t just put a pup in the car, go to a grocery store and come home. People will approach and want to pet him.” – Millie Williams, obedience trainer in Cheboygan, Michigan (from Popular Dogs: Welsh Corgis)

The grooming needs of [Corgis] can be summed up succinctly: brush, brush, brush. Due to its Spitz forbears, the Corgi’s coat is more profuse, requiring more attention. Corgis are not glamour dogs; these working-class heroes do not require a fancy haircut. Aside from neatening up their feet, what you see is what you get. – Kathy Saltzberg, a national certified master groomer and co-owner of The Village Groomer in Walpole, Massachusetts (from Popular Dogs: Welsh Corgis)

“[The Corgi] is not a dog, but a new member of your family, and it expects to be treated as such. [Corgis] are big dogs in small packages. No one is a stranger, and they can wrap anyone around their paws. They are the world’s best con artists, especially when it comes to food. People that don’t even like dogs seem to fall under their spell. They are funny little imps that wake each day expecting everything is going to go their way. They want to be part of every aspect of your life; I call them ‘Velcro dogs.’” – Pamela Lane of Foxy Lane Corgis in Citra, Florida (from Popular Dogs: Welsh Corgis)

Can you guess the No. 1 nutritional problem in Corgis? Yep, it’s obesity. Cardigans and Pembrokes alike suffer from this serious disease. Just how serious? The list of associated health risks includes heart problems, spine problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, pancreatitis, urinary tract problems, decreased immune system function and arthritis. – Susan Bertram, D.V.M. (from Popular Dogs: Welsh Corgis)

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