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BirdChannel Editor Jessica Pineda asked that I write a blog to cover the latest in offerings for the feathered set (aka pet birds and parrots). I’ve been blogging about feeding our flocks at my own blog ParrotNation.com, but I’ve been given the privilege and opportunity to write about the subject of bird food here. This is an enormous topic and there are endless ideas and lots of information to cover, so we?e going to approach the subject just like you? eat a meal: One bite at a time.

Feeding your flock a varied and nutritious diet can be fun! When you see that tail go up in the air and watch as your feathered buddy dives into something you made just for her, it? a wonderful moment.

Remember when you would bake cookies just for the fun of it? Well, you can make “cookies?suitable for your birds that are easy to make as well as very nutritious. They can also be frozen for later use. This is just one fun item you can make at home for your flock. There are hundreds more!

In the last few years, families have been making meals for their flocks far more often than they used to. And we think that is a step in the right direction. Casseroles, grain bakes, fresh chopped salads combinations, homemade crackers and cookies, birdie breads and cooked bean mixes are only a few of the dishes that folks are making for their flocks these days. Better yet, with the advent of social media, they are sharing their ideas, recipes and photos. They are learning about the use of herbs and spices, the nutritional values of vegetable, grains, legumes, nuts and sprouts, and they are trying different combinations to offer their feathered companions.


Birds are like kids sometimes: You gotta’ make them eat their vegetables. The good thing about that though is birds will soon love to learn their veggies.

The result? Happy and contented birds, glossy feathers and better health.

Long gone is the day when all companion parrots ever got was a dried seed mix and the occasional carrot. We know better now as more research than ever has surfaced about what parrots eat in the wild. However, there are still people out there who simply don’t know that the aforementioned foods are not enough to maintain a healthy flock. They need a far more enriched and varied meal in their food bowl and this blog, “Psittacine Cuisine” will attempt to cover suggested nutritious ingredients, methods of preparing these healthy ingredients and ways of enriching your flock’s daily meals.

Keep an eye on “Psittacine Cuisine.?We?l have interviews with avian vets, instructors, and many of the top people in the field. We intend to present recipe ideas, nutritional information, the use of foraging ideas at meal time, and ways of converting your bird to a healthier diet. Want to know why quinoa is so good for your African grey? You?l find out here.  Curious about tea for your birds? We?l have an expert on the subject explain it to you.

If it has to do with food for your flock, we?e going to try and cover it here. And if you have a question, want us to address a subject or if you? like more information about a particular topic, you can always send in a question to us here at the BirdChannel. We?ll try to cover it in a future column.

I? looking forward to writing the blog and presenting some wonderful and nutritious meal ideas for our feathered companions.

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