Welcome Home, Puppy

How to prepare for, and what to expect after, your puppy's arrival.

Chad Hautmann admits Franny was an impulse purchase. But when his two daughters, Isabel and Sophie, fell in love with the butterscotch-colored Golden Retriever puppy, Hautmann and his wife Jeannie knew they had made the right choice. “The girls barely let Franny’s feet touch the ground for the first few days,” says Hautmann, who lives in Florida. Then Franny started acting like, well, a Golden Retriever puppy.

The Hautmanns secured Franny in a bathroom with a baby gate so she could see the family but stay out of trouble. Franny had other ideas, though. First, she chewed the bottom out of the laundry hamper, scattering the dirty clothes. Next went the shelves that held the bath towels, falling down on top of the puppy. “She quickly transformed our towels into rags she could shake and shred,” Hautmann says.

During an unsupervised moment, Franny devoured both girls’ Hello Kitty bedroom slippers. “She left only the soles and the shrieks of our horrified daughters,” Hautmann recalls. Banished to the screened-in porch, Franny chewed the bottom out of Hautmann’s favorite rope hammock and severed the cord to the reading lamp.

“I kept saying, ‘She’s just a puppy, it’s our fault for not watching her,’ but it was a lot harder than any of us remembered,” Hautmann says.

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