Welcome Home Bird

Eight tips to help your new bird feel at home

These simple hints will help your adoptee feel comfortable in its new home:

1. Your new companion bird will be confused, frightened and probably sad to leave its old home. This is normal. Respect your bird’s feelings and be loving, compassionate and patient.

2. Explain to your new bird that it is now living with you and that you want it to be happy in its new home. Talk clearly and slowly, while making eye contact. Keep hand and body motions small and close to keep from frightening the bird.

3. If there is a pre-existing bird, gradually make the proper arrangements and introductions.

4. Place the new bird’s cage out of the path of heavy traffic but where it can watch household activities.

5. Offer familiar healthy foods and toys, in addition to those you plan to convert your new bird to, if they are different. 

6. Initially, keep the bird’s schedule and habits, such as covering its cage at night, etc., close to its original ones, making changes slowly and over a period of time.

7. Chat with your new bird frequently, explaining activities and objects as you go along.

8. Love your new bird for what it is, and not for what you want it to be

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