New Website Translates All Of Your Emails, Tweets And Comments Into Purrfect Cat Puns

New website Kittify can translate any piece of text into ameowzing cat puns.

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Your life needed more cat puns, anyway. Via Jennifer C./Flickr
Chrissa Hardy

Wouldn’t life be better if you could exclusively speak in cat puns? Totally, right?

Well, your dream just came true, with the launch of This website will take any of your comments, tweets, emails and text and translate them into impawsibly purrrfect cat puns.

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So, for example, if you wanted to say something like:

“Hey! You know what would make this Monday awesome? A coffee.”

Kittify would translate it as:

“Meow!????! You meow what would make this Monday clawsome? A coffee.”

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Pure pawesomeness. Via Giphy

Or maybe Monday has you in a terrible mood and you’d rather say, “I’m tired. I’m hungry. Work is stressing me out and my life is garbage right now.”

That same sentence Kittified would read: “I’m tired. I’m hungry. Work is stressing me out and my one of your 9 lives is litter box right meow.”

OK, so it doesn’t always make sense, but that doesn’t make it any less meowvelous. Give it a go! You know you wanna.

Helpful hint: There’s a translation box on the page that will tell you which words can be Kittified, and what they will become.

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