Weasel Mom Herds Family To Safety

This video captures how a brave weasel mom managed to get all her offspring to safety from "stranger danger,” despite one of them being rather timid.

I think anyone who is part of a family can relate to this video. It captures the family dynamic from almost all sides. A mother is doing everything she can to herd her children to safety. The kids try to follow her lead, and most do. But one youngster just can’t keep up.

Here’s how it went down, as uploaded to YouTube by Jeff Zenger. The weasels bear a resemblance to ferrets, who are part of the weasel family, so Zenger named the video “Ferret Babies Follow Mom.” 

The mother weasel and her young ones (kits) are apparently out for a walk when something scary happens — a human approaches too closely! It’s time to scale a nearby stone wall and escape to safety. Mom leads the way and her six kits give it their best scramble, but, gosh, it’s more difficult than it looks. Only one makes it over right behind Mom. The other five perch awkwardly on the wall or tumble back to the grass. Mom then reappears atop the wall and quickly checks out the human threat before encouraging her youngsters to try the climb again. This time, success! Well, at least for four of them. They scramble quickly over the wall with Mom and disappear into some nearby brush. 

But one kit is left behind. With one final effort, the wall is climbed and the weasel sits on top — but he’s all alone. Where are Mom and his littermates?! He calls out frantically while frozen atop the wall not knowing what to do. 

Mom comes to the rescue again, darting out from hiding and back up the wall. She pops up in front of her offspring and darts back down. You can almost hear her saying, “This is how it’s done. Follow me!” 

Well, the tentative and perhaps not so coordinated young one remains frozen in place. If we could get inside his head, I bet he’d be thinking something like, “You want me to do what?!” I mean, the little guy had a difficult enough time climbing up a vertical wall, how do you expect him to face going down? That looks like it’s going to hurt!

Never fear. Mom is back almost instantly and has a solution to the problem. She grabs her little one by the scruff with her mouth and disappears down the wall. All the kits are safe at last, even the timid one.

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