Wearable Tech You Can Really Use: a Collar That Reads Cats’ Thoughts

Better than a FitBit wearing an Apple Watch, this cat collar translates cat body language to let you know what your cat is thinking.


Have you ever wondered what thoughts race through your cats mind when you pet her? Thanks to a new device connected to your smartphone via app, you can give guesswork the boot!

Created by Anicall, a Japanese firm, the device, when attached to your dog or cat’s neck, can analyze more than 40 movements, translating them into emotions such as happiness, playfulness, or merely relaxation.

“We have more pets than kids in Japan,” Takuya Fuma, a manager in the Anicall development unit said at Tokyo’s Wearable Expo. “We see a big market in the pet industry. People spend money on pets.”

While other organizations have manufactured similar products for canines, Anicall’s gadget stands out from competitors due to its ability to work on cats as well as dogs – a trait that Fuma feels will help sales soar due to the massive feline love currently rampaging through Japan.

Though the gizmo, which made its debut at the Wearable Expo this week, currently only works when a pet parent and trusty smartphone is in close range to the cat, Fuma says that Anicall hopes to expand upon the device’s ability – allowing it to receive and send signals from extensive distances.

Until then, Fuma still sees the device as a giant positive step in the direction of pet communication, providing owners a deeper look into the psyche of their pets.

“It’s possible you think pets are relaxed, but actually they aren’t,” Fuma said.

The device, currently unnamed, is scheduled to hit the market in April for 9,000 yen. Don’t stress, that only amounts to about $76 USD.

Will you be investing in this perfect new gadget?

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