We Don’t Know How This Great Dane Got Stuck In A Tree And She Won’t Tell Us

Fire department members rescued a 120-pound dog from a tree in Kentucky and made us marvel at the engineering feat (while wondering how the dog got there in the first place).

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Just a 120-pound dog in a tree. Move along, people. Via Jay Edwards WRNJ/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

April 9 might have begun like every other day for the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department, but ended with “one of those calls that had a great outcome and will not soon be forgotten.”

That’s what a post about the rescue of a 120-pound Great Dane from a tree in Louisville, Kentucky, says on the fire department’s Facebook page. It took a couple of attempts — and help from Elmwood Rescue, Cass County Sheriffs Deputies and homeowners — but the dog made it down safely.

Responders initially disregarded the call about this dog’s situation, saying they were “somewhat skeptical.” Upon arrival, however, they saw it was pretty real. Then they quickly had to devise a couple of plans.

“The initial plan was to get a harness on the dog and see if he would follow a friend of the owner back down the tree,” the Facebook post reads.

When that didn’t pan out, they went to Plan B.

“The next plan was to attach a long leash to the harness and lower the dog to the ground,” it continues. “During both plans, we had members on the ground holding a tarp to catch the dog if she would have fallen. As you can see in the video, the second option worked well enough to get her out of the tree unharmed.”

We hope the Great Dane provided some extra-large dog kisses for these rescuers.

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