We All Must Have These Neko Atsume Cat Cookies

Why must we have these cookies? Because they look like cats, of course.

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Now you can enjoy Neko Atsume cookies while playing the Neko Atsume game. Via Lawson
Cari Jorgensen

Admit it. You’ve spent countless hours playing the Neko Atsume cat collecting game, right? You play it so much you’re all about the coveted rare cats like Lady Meow Meow, Mr. Meowgi, Chairman Meow and Guy Furry. (Don’t worry, it’s an admission we have to make also.)

Now you (read: we) can take your love of the Neko Atsume game and combine that with your love of cookies (come on, you can admit that too; we totally do), and grab the new Neko Atsume gift set out of Japan. It’s the perfect time of year for them.

Summer is the season of Ochugen in Japan. The tradition involves giving a summertime gift to a person who has helped you out, RocketNews24 reports. Who are we to stand in the way of tradition? We all must order these Neko Atsume cookies and give them to a person who’s helped us out (and we all know we’ve done a lot for ourselves, too, so…).

The cute cat cookies are available for purchase through the Lawson Gift website and will start shipping in June, according to RocketNews24. The set, which includes Snowball, Peaches and Pepper (sorry, no rare cats), costs ¥3,240 yen (around US $30), according to RocketNews24.

Who’s getting a box?

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