13 Ways Cats Take Over Our Lives

And now they've taken over a day of the year.

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"This sink, and your entire house, is mine now." Via PineappleMcGee/reddit
Anastasia Thrift

People say they have cats but what they really have is closer to a furry little life disrupter. Cats and evidence-of-cats are all over our homes.

October 29 is National Cat Day, which was created to help raise awareness of cat adoption. In honor of the annual observance, here are 13 of the ways cats have taken over our lives.

1. Cats claim our computers.

Your productivity minutes are numbered.

2. Cats want in on our grooming regimen.

“You looked lonely.”

3. Cats require us to reassess our bag choice for the day.

Now you get to pick out a new one (and also wonder how you’re going to buy lunch if your wallet was in that first draft pick bag).

4. Cats will get pumped on our exercise routine.

“Do you even sivasana, bro?”

5. Cats change our reading habits.

With only half the page to scan, you basically become a speed-reader.

6. Cats determine when game night is over.

That’s not how you play Jenga.

7. Cats decide which housewares stay or go.

Now you get to redecorate.

8. Cats share our food…

Kitty is going to be pretty disappointed in this one.

9. And our drinks.

Um… You can have the rest of that.

10. Cats will cover us in cat hair.

Sometimes the cat hair will still be attached to the cat.

11. Cats will “share” our bed.

Have fun sleeping on the 10 percent of bed space left.

12. Cats use us as furniture.

Your plans have now changed to “serving as human pillow” from whatever plans you thought you had.

13. Cats won’t ever let us feel lonely in the bathroom.




Not even once.

 Via Why Cat Why

Via Why Cat Why

We love you, cats. Please keep up the takeover.

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