Watch What Happens When A Cat Visits A Dog Show

Boomer, a Bengal cat, literally went nose-to-nose with 50 dogs that day.

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Boomer checks out curious pups on his day at the dog show.

In this seemingly lighthearted YouTube video posted by CATMANTOO, a cat named Boomer visited a dog show, meeting at least 50 different canines in the process. During his day with the dogs, he went nose-to-nose with a playful French Bulldog, a lazy Pug and one decidedly uncertain Dachshund. Although some say that Boomer, a Bengal cat, was just trying to form a few interspecies friendships, we totally disagree.

This cat was doing serious reconnaissance work, learning about the enemy (spelled D-O-G) so that he could destroy them from within.

"You love hugs, Boomer. Keep telling yourself that you love hugs." Via CATMANTOO/YouTube

“You love hugs, Boomer. Keep telling yourself that you love hugs.” Via CATMANTOO/YouTube

All of that lighthearted pawing and licking? Research. The sniffing and swatting? He was committing their faces to memory. Sure, Boomer. We believe that you want to be “friends,” with these dogs. That’s why you infiltrated their show, caught them at their most vulnerable — on a day when they just wanted to feel pretty — and even walked on a leash to prove that you could be one of them.

Dogs, if you see yourself in this clip, run.


Just don’t be surprised if you see two eyes — Boomer’s two eyes — wordlessly watching you from somewhere in the shadows.

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