Watch This Teacher’s Reaction When Her Students Surprise Her With Kittens

Mrs. Andrews was planning to get kittens after her cat died, but her thoughtful students beat her to it — and her response is priceless.

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A teacher was overcome with joy when she received two adorable kittens from her students. Via Ashlei Mahan/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Students planned the sweetest surprise for their teacher, by gifting her with something they knew she wanted.

The present? Two adorable kittens, as videos from her students show on Twitter. The posts, from May 6, have been getting a lot of attention and we can see why.

First, the girls who planned the surprise got together outside the classroom to prepare, a video by Ashlei Mahan on Twitter shows. They announce to the camera that they were going to surprise Mrs. Andrews, whose cat had died.

A second video posted by student Rachel Hanhart shows the teacher, whose first name was not mentioned, receiving the kittens. Mrs. Andrews is overwhelmed with emotion and looks absolutely delighted with her new pets.

In a later tweet, Hanhart assures everyone that her teacher was planning on getting kittens in the next few days. It is a bit of a relief to hear that, as surprising someone with a pet when you’re not sure they want one is a big no-no.

But these students look to be good at researching, in studies and in acts of kindness.

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