Watch This Golden Retriever Teach Her Friend How To Use A Slide

Well, "teach" might not be the right word, because the younger dog in this video didn't have a choice.

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Who doesn't love a good slide? This Golden Retriever, apparently.

In 1903, George Bernard Shaw wrote, “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” And in 2015, the Golden Retriever in this Youtube video said, “Whatever, pal. I can do and teach.”

In the video, posted by Pat O’Brien in late June, a proud — and exceedingly chipper — Golden Retriever owner takes her two dogs to a playground and the older one confidently bounds to the top of the slide, then excitedly rides the plastic chute back to the ground.

Her younger companion, on the other hand, seems a little hesitant to jump into the tunnel, even after watching her two-legged and four-legged friends do the same thing. She eventually collects enough courage to climb into the slide, and that’s when her older friend steps up to give her a lesson, not necessarily in how to use the slide, but in how to be unable to not use it. Your move, George.

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