Watch This Dog Get Completely Disgusted With Her Own Butt

Lucy simply couldn't believe that she was responsible for that kind of smell.

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"There must be some kind of mistake. It's not supposed to be like this." Via Kayla Eggers/YouTube

There are countless reasons to love being a pet owner, including the fact that having a dog gives you the ultimate excuse for any accidents that happen around the house. If you clumsily track mud onto the carpet, gosh, it must’ve been the dog. If you crash into that terrible vase your mother-in-law gave you last Christmas, you’ll collect the broken pieces and shake your head in the dog’s direction. And if someone fills the air with a silent-but-deadly stench of a burning dumpster, you can just fan your nose and say, “Well, that HAD to be the dog.” But sometimes, even the dog wishes she had a dog to blame that on.

"I can't smell anything, can you smell anything, oh holy cow, what is that smell?" Via Kayla Eggers/YouTube

“I can’t smell anything, can you smell anything, oh holy cow, what is that smell?” Via Kayla Eggers/YouTube

Lucy, a white German Shepherd, recently had to confront her own, um, intestinal potpourri – and she was completely grossed out by it. Her owner, Kayla Edwards, filmed Lucy resting comfortably on the couch, enjoying the afternoon until she discovers that the smell slowly permeating the living room CAME FROM HER OWN BODY. She reacts with shock, confusion and, ultimately, avoidance, which is pretty much how the rest of us handle it too. Well, unless there’s a dog to blame it on.

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