Watch These Bassett Hound Siblings Wag Their Tails In Sync

It's OK if the synchronized tail wagging hypnotizes you a little bit.

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Did they teach themselves how to do this?

The Grateful Dead had two. So did Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Pavement. But having two drummers doesn’t mean that you can keep the rhythm any better than a pair of Bassett Hounds laying together on a giant pillow.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this past weekend by ViralHog, two dogs somehow manage to wag their tails in perfect sync with each other (they get really good at about the 25-second mark), making them look like a pair of four-legged windshield wipers.

And now for the drum solo.

And now for the drum solo.

Jennie H, who owns the two Bassett Hounds, Maple Street Kiss Me Kate and her younger bro Maple Street Moses, said that particular breed can be lazy sometimes. But, as Kate and Moses demonstrate from the comfort of their bed, being lazy doesn’t mean that you lose your rhythm. If you’ve ever suffered through a fuzzy recording of an underwhelming concert, you’ll know that’s a lesson they could’ve shared with the Grateful Dead.

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