Watch “The Friskies” Cat Video Show Live!

See the live stream of the 2nd annual internet cat video awards show from New York City with host comedian Michael Ian Black.

“The Friskies” returns for a second year to honor adventurous, touching and funny cat videos. Winners receive a $5,000 cash prize and a custom-made gold plated Friskies Catuette, and will accept awards at the Tue., Oct. 15, 2013, show in New York City hosted by comedian and cat owner Michael Ian Black.

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Shelter cats, too, will win at the show. For every nomination and vote from the public, cat food company Friskies donated meals to 20 cat charity partners. All told, Friskies will give more than 250,000 cans of Friskies cat food to shelters and cat groups nationwide.

“The Friskies” debuted in 2012 to honor the best new Internet cat videos of the year. Returning for a second year, they will again award $25,000 in cash prizes to winners in four categories and a Fan Favorite from 12 finalists. Category winners have been determined by public vote, and the Fan Favorite will be chosen by public text vote on the day of the award show.

“Films may have the Oscars, but cat videos have ‘The Friskies,’ and I can’t wait to host the show,” said Black. “It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

Cat video creators uploaded videos up to two minutes in length in one of four categories:
•    Cat Comedy: Your cat(s) in an humorous situation
•    Catventure: An indoor cat adventure
•    Rescue Cat: Your cat(s) adopted from a rescue group or shelter enjoying life
•    Pursuit of Food/Treat: Your cat(s) pursuing or engaging with their cat food or treat(s)

Judges evaluated each entry using the following criteria to select 20 Semi-Finalists, five from each category: originality & overall artistic impression (25%), audience appeal & entertainment quality (25%), sense that there’s a story being told (25%), and portraying cat’s perspective (25%). The 2013 “The Friskies” judging panel includes:
•    Will Braden: Creator of “Henri le Chat Noir”
•    Mick Szydlowski: 2012 “The Friskies” Grand Prize Winner for “Oskar’s First Toys”
•    Abbie Moore: Executive Director,
The 20 Semi-Finalists will be awarded a one-year supply of Friskies cat food and Friskies Party Mix brand cat treats. One winner from each of the four categories will be announced during the show, and will receive a Friskies Catuette and a $5,000 cash prize. One Fan Favorite will be named based on public text vote on the day of the Award Show, and will receive a Friskies Catuette and a $5,000 cash prize.

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