Watch Penn And Teller Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat

Jimmy Fallon and fans see firsthand how one of the oldest tricks in the world is done.

When resident Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller showed up at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” set, everyone was probably expecting a magic trick. The illusionists could have done anything. What they chose to do, however, was pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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The trick, long associated with magic, is often seen in cartoons and films, but how often is it seen at a magic show in real life? Penn Jillette revealed that neither he nor Raymond Teller have seen the trick live. He told Fallon that the reason most people have never seen the trick live is because it’s hard and because it’s an anachronism — how many people do you see wearing top hats nowadays? But in celebration of their 40-year anniversary and to promote their shows on Broadway, the duo gave Fallon and audience a firsthand look at the trick. Watch the video to see Penn and Teller perform it.

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