Watch Out Hollywood ?Here? Gracie!

I’ve always thought my ‘tiel, Gracie, is a bit flighty. After all, he has a tendency to launch himself in the air when he’s out on top of his cage and something startles him. He also does this whenever I try to take him in the shower; as soon as my hand touches the shower curtain, off he goes to sit on top of the bathroom cabinet mirror. So when I attempted to take some photos for my blog, I assumed my social butterfly nanday conure, Ollie, would be more likely to ham it up for the camera.

It turns out Ollie is the scaredy bird. He jumped off my hand onto my shoulder and was behind my neck in nano seconds. I finally got a shot off, but not until reassuring Ollie with our special flock all’s good call, which is a low hum (think the “Om” sound yoga fanatics make). I looked over at Gracie, thinking, “Nah, he’ll just fly away as soon as he sees the camera.” But he’s the other half of the flock so I should at least attempt a photo, right? I lift the camera up and Gracie instantly arches his back up in a proud stance. Then he started whistling … he was loving it. I’m breaking out the video camera next because I now know Gracie is ready for his close-up.

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