Watch Out, Dog! This Cat Isn’t Tolerating Any of Your Nonsense

The perfect anti-barking device is this cat.

No one likes it when a dog constantly barks (even when it’s your own dog). You may try some sort of anti-barking device such as a citronella collar. If you’re Devon Meadows and his wife, all you need is your cat, Greyscale.

To find out how often their dog barks while they’re away, the couple set up a surveillance camera. Their dog, Chazz, starts in seemingly immediately after the two leave for work. After about 15 seconds – seconds, not minutes – Greyscale shuts the dog up. You can clearly see who’s boss in this relationship, with Greyscale staying in Chazz’s face until the puppy quiets down. You know the kitty’s thinking, “Just bark one more time. I dare you.” The dog, for his part, chooses to stay quiet.

Does your cat rule over the other animals in your house?


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