Watch & Learn How to Train your Dog

Get advice from the best dog trainers in the nation without spending hundreds of dollars on private lessons.

Top trainers charge over $200 an hour to dispense advice to eager clients like Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker. These DVDs are the next best thing to an in-home lesson.

Raising Your Dog with the Monks of New SketeRaising Your Dog with the Monks of New Skete
by the Monks of New Skete

This 2-DVD set covers all the essential lessons for training your dog using the New Skete method. Disc 1 introduces viewers to the monks commonsense philosophy, and disc 2 gives simple how-to lessons on topics such as becoming your dogs alpha-leader and the basics of behavior conditioning.

Dog Training: The John Fisher Way
by John Fisher

A proponent of positive-rewards-based training, John Fisher offers a soup-to-nuts look at dog ownership, from picking the right breed for your family to introducing a new dog to other pets.

People Training for Dogs
by Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan, the charismatic host of the National Geographic Channels The Dog Whisperer, covers the basics of his Oprah Winfrey-endorsed let dogs be dogs philosophy for training pets and the people who love them.

Clicker Puppy
by Karen Pryor

One of the pioneers of clicker training for dogs, Karen Pryor gives owners simple instructions for introducing a weeks-old puppy to her tried-and-true methods for training good behavior through conditioning.

Posted: April 18, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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