Puppy Gets Adorably Frustrated With Video Game

He just can't figure out why he can't catch that darn fish.

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"I got it... no, wait. Got it now! No, wait..." Via Daily Mail

These kids today. They just can’t stop playing on their Instachats and their Snapbooks and their iFaces. Look at this little Golden Retriever, who has no idea what’s happening in the big world around him. He’s just clicking and pawing and swiping at a digital fish, getting more and more frustrated every time it squeaks at him.

According to the Daily Mail, the game that this little one is excitedly playing is called “Games for Dogs,” which isn’t just a clever name. The app features animals and fish moving across the screen, intermittently squeaking when your dog mashes them with his paw or nose. (And you just know that more than one owner has tried pressing his own nose against the digital squirrel running across the screen).

But come on, kids! There are real-life squirrels and fish out there who would love… to ignore you while you play on your iPad. Carry on, puppy. Carry on.

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