Watch A One-Cat Critical Mass As This Kitty Speeds Down Streets On A Bike

You must see this cat zoom around several streets on a bike, looking halfway super-charged, halfway snuggly.

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There is none more chill than this cat riding a bike at top speed and cuddling while doing it. VIa Animal Fans Facebook page
Anastasia Thrift

People always say cats are aloof. One cat, however, is all up in your face — if you ride a bicycle.

A video of a cat eagerly racing down the street on the shoulder of a bike rider has 6.5 million views on the Animal Fans Facebook page. And that’s just from one day.

We admit, the feline is kind of an outlier. The cat on the bike looks super comfortable the whole time. In fact, he rubs his face against the rider’s in some totally touching moments of cuddling.

Maybe cats aren’t as aloof as we thought. It’s possible we aren’t giving them a chance.

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