Washington Man Drives More Than 3,200 Miles To Rescue Pit Bull In Florida

Bella was an owner surrender and was saved just in time.

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Bella was an owner surrender. Her new best friend drove more than 3,000 miles to adopt her. Via peluma_rescue/Instagram
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Would you drive across the United States in order to rescue a shelter dog that you’ve only seen on social media? One man drove from just outside Seattle, Washington, to Palm Beach, Florida, to adopt Bella, a 3-year-old Pit Bull he saw on Instagram, according to a report on Good Morning America.

Twenty-nine-year-old Travis Littleton first described it as “love at first sight.” He had just put down his previous dog, and Bella reminded him of that dog. So he got in his car and made the drive across the country to get Bella from the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in Florida.

“Pit bulls get a bad rap… they look rough, so she’s kind of like me,” he told Good Morning America. “I look rough but I’m just a softie. And so is she. I couldn’t be happier.”

Bella was an owner surrender and had no stray hold on her. She could have been euthanized at any time, according to the shelter’s Instagram page. Thankfully they took a video of Bella in the shelter, and it was her little “tail wag” that caught Littleton’s eye and compelled him to make the road trip to get her.

BELLA WAS ADOPTED (11/3/16)! ??????????????????? Yaaaaaay! What a beautiful morning! Bella’s wonderful adopter @buddy_daizy could not have been more kind and positive, after having driven over 48 hours to save her life. From the state of Washington, all the way to Florida…and now back! THAT is love. ? To see them meet for the first time was like seeing two old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years! ? And it was possible not only because of the dedication and huge heart that @buddy_daizy has, but also the relentless networking done by Instagram’s finest animal lovers! Too many to list, but you all know who you are. ? In the end, her new dad said that it was her “tiny tail wag” that won him over. Reminded him of his dog that had recently passed. Incredible! The tiniest of details made him drive for days, in effect, changing both of their lives forever. ANYONE can do what I did. Video 1 dog each week. Video 10. Video 100! In the end, it will matter. And it just might save a life. ? Best of luck Travis, Bella, and (new brother) Spike! ??? ————- Hi! My name is Bella (#A1826282). I’m just sitting here, quietly listening to Norah Jones, patiently waiting for my owner to change his mind and come back to pick me up. I don’t know what I did wrong. I’ve been a good girl. Nothing but loving. ? Because I am an owner surrender, I have no stray hold and can be put to sleep at any moment. I’m only 4-years-old and I give the friendliest little tail wag at the slightest bit of attention. I really don’t understand why I’m here. Please help. ?? Ways to help me: 1) Adopt me ?? 2) Foster me 3) Pledge 4) PLEASE SHARE this post with rescues & friends! ?? Someone you send it to could save my life. ? #peluma_rescue #pbcacc #pbcaccdogs #shelterdog #adoptdontshop

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Thank you Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in Florida for posting the Instagram video that saved Bella, and major props to Travis Littleton for taking and interest in Bella and driving across the United States to get her.

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