Washington Community Provides Temporary Homes for Quaker Parrots

Yacolt residents and bird community work to find a solution to bird problem

Snowy conditions have arrived in the southwest Washington area, and surrounding bird community members are working with Yacolt residents to provide a warm place for the feral quaker parrots that have been residing on the town’s power poles.

Clark Public Utility and city officials reversed the decision to kill any quaker parrots perched on power lines Wednesday, November 28, 2007. The Yacolt community has 4 months to show officials a resolution to the problem with the birds. According to utility officials the birds were building nests on the power lines and electrical transformers, and causing repeated power outages in the Yacolt area.

While Yacolt residents and bird community members discuss different ideas and possible scenarios of how to help the quaker parrots, an immediate objective is to help keep the birds warm from the harsh winter conditions.

“The quakers future and immediate health is our main concern,” said Christopher Driggins, founder of N.W. Bird Rescue.

Driggins and other rescue volunteers received permission from private home owners to set up temporary nest boxes near their home. Six hundred pounds of seed mix has been donated and dispersed to homeowners for the birds. Seven next boxes have currently been set up with plans to put up more to follow.

The nest boxes are part of a temporary scenario to provide homes for the quaker parrots until the community can find a solution that all parties can agree on. “Our goal is to keep the community happy, to save the birds and keep them alive,” Driggins said.

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