Warm, Soft, Cuddly Cat … Bread Can Be Yours

Baker turns regular bread loaves into feline-inspired creations.

It’s plush-like, doughy and warm. It’s a cuter-than-cute loaf of bread in the shape of a cat. Endearingly called a “catloaf,” fret not about “carb-loading” because this little guy is way too adorable to eat. You’ll probably want to place it on top of some comfy blankets or in a wicker basket instead.

Created by UK food artist and baker extraordinaire Lou Lou P, who has five rescue cats of her own, these catloaves can be made with some moldable dough, food paint and a bread recipe (Lou Lou recommends using this bunny bread recipe to create cat-shaped loaves of bread). And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. To allay any “cat-solation” your catloaf may experience, you can create mini catloaves to help your bread pal company.

Check out Lou Lou P’s amazing food art on her Facebook page, which range from the cat paw orange blossom “teddy” caramels to The Shining-inspired Twix bars. You’ll be screaming with delight.

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