Want to Work With Dogs?

New book offers dog lovers insight into a variety of professions in the animal industry.

Many animal lovers are missing an opportunity to have a truly fulfilling career, simply because they are unaware of the many available jobs that involve working with animals. In the new book “The Everything Guide to Working with Animals,” authors Michele C. Hollow and William P. Rives, VMD, introduce readers to the myriad professions that put you in close contact with the animal kingdom.

There are many career options spanning the entire animal industry: veterinary, zoology, anthropology, ecology, animal behavior, therapy, grooming, doggie daycare, pet sitting and more. From the pet shop owner to the Certified Animal Safety Rep – who monitors animal actors’ safety on a film set – readers are exposed to a variety of usual and unusual jobs.

If you are considering a career change, the book will help you determine what avenue you might explore by asking the essential question: Can you work with animals? Chapters address your temperament, owning your own business, coping with the day to day dilemmas you might encounter and other unexpected issues.

The book also discusses the different types of animals you may be working with: dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. Each “clientele” comes with its own challenges, and the book helps you decide if this is the professional path for you.

Full of helpful facts on everything from growth industries to the benefits of working with animals, the book is a helpful reference for anyone interested in entering in this unique industry.

“The Everything Guide to Working with Animals” by Michele C. Hollow and William P. Rives, VMD, is on sale now.

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