‘Walking My Cat Named Dog’ Gets Revamped by They Might Be Giants

Any music video with a dog in it (even a cat named Dog) is worth watching.

Music videos are awesome and have found a home on YouTube. You type in an artist or band’s name and a whole bunch pop up. Some are amazing. Some are just OK. And then there are those that have dogs in them. Those are the best.

The latest is an animated music video for the They Might Be Giants cover of “Walking My Cat Named Dog,” a 1966 single by Norma Tanega. The video, animated by Mixtape Club, features a woman walking her cat named Dog (surprising, I know, given the title). Along the way Dog the cat meets many other cats and dogs – including a dog named Cat – in what can only be described as a reversal of roles. Cats are acting like dogs and dogs are acting like cats. It’s a cute video, and kids are sure to love it!

Cat Named Dog


Do you have a favorite music video that features dogs? Share the title and artist with us in the comments. In the meantime, check out this video by Cary Brothers – it’s full of puppies!

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