Walking Campaign Places Service Dogs With Veterans

New initiative promotes fitness and provides disabled military personnel with service dogs.

Wag & Walk 4 LifeWant to get fit with your dog and help disabled military veterans at the same time? Join the Wag & Walk 4 Life pledge, courtesy of the Greenies brand and partner Freedom Service Dogs, a Denver-based nonprofit that provides service dogs to military veterans and others with physical or psychological disabilities.

Dog owners who join the Wag & Walk 4 Life challenge pledge to walk a certain number of miles with their dog every week. As cumulative pledge goals are met (register here), the Greenies brand will provide monetary donations to fund a training camp to place up to 12 FSD service dogs with disabled veterans.

“When you take the Wag and Walk 4 Life pledge, you benefit not only you and your pet, but you also enable a disabled military veteran to get a canine helper,” says veterinarian and author Ernie Ward, D.V.M., a spokesperson for the program.

And since FSD rescues dogs to serve in the program, participants’ pledges also help homeless pets. “[These dogs] become the eyes, ears, arms and legs for disabled veterans,” Ward says.

To learn more about the pledge, visit www.facebook.com/greenies. To learn more about Freedom Service Dogs, visit www.freedomservicedogs.org

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