Waiting to Exhale

Fight your cat's asthma, naturally.

“Willy, a gray tabby, came to me at 14 years old, having suffered from asthma since he was 14 months old,” recalls Will Falconer, DVM, a certified veterinary homeopath in Austin, Texas. “He had been having bouts of convulsive gasping, extending his neck and open-mouthed breathing once or twice a day for the prior six weeks. I discovered he had developed itchy, allergic skin with red bumps on his forehead, inner ears, neck and belly at 9 months. He was suppressed with prednisone, a corticosteroid and, five months later, started breathing oddly.”

Willy’s condition fit the homeopathic remedy of Phosphorus, quite well,” Falconer says. “He vomited often, was thirstier than his housemates, was chilly, was long and tall, and quite the sensitive guy. Within two weeks of being given a single dose, he had less frequent asthma attacks and became more affectionate.”

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