Waikiki Aquarium Seeks Interpreter Volunteers

Honolulu facility is offering interpreter training on aquarium exhibits.

Waikiki Aquarium. Via Meowmeow10/Wikipedia

Are you a reef enthusiast who lives on O’ahu? Want to share your knowledge about Hawaiian reef animals such as fish and corals? The Waikiki Aquarium is holding free interpreter training for those who wish to volunteer and educate aquarium visitors about the diversity of sea life in Hawaiian waters. The aquarium is looking for people who can share the natural history of the island’s ocean inhabitants through the facility’s reef exhibits and marine environment. Potential interpreters will attend eight training sessions that will take place every Tuesday and Thursday between January 14 and January 30. The training sessions will cover interpretation and hospitality skills, information about the exhibits and their operations, and marine science and how it relates to Hawaii’s ocean environment.

After the eight required training sessions are completed, those accepted into the program will work a single two-hour shift each week for six months. For more information on the interpreter training, please call (808) 44-9020 or email volunteer@waquarium.org.

The Waikiki Aquarium hosts a variety of sea life native to the Hawaiian Island chain. It also has the only peppermint angelfish on display in a public aquarium, a fish so rare that those well to do pay upward of $30,000 to keep it.

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