Vivi: Missing Whippet Update 3

Here's the latest update on the missing Westminster Whippet, Vivi.

Posted Courtesy of the American Whippet Club

Following up on the almost certain visit (or visits) that Vivi made to the garage with an open door adjacent to a private residence in Flushing, NY, Paul spent the night in a car watching this house. He says its a very quiet, nice neighborhood with well-lit streets and almost no traffic at night. A man walking along the street around 1:30 AM caused the familys English Setter to bark. (The dog does not live in the garage as I mistakenly wrote yesterday; theres a fenced run with a heated kennel for the dog in the yard.) There was no sign of Vivi throughout the night, however.

Before the family woke up, Paul had to leave for an interview with CNN (shown nationwide early on Monday), together with pet detective Karin Goin and her tracking dogs. Karin also made a visit to a location in Jersey City at the urgent promptings of a psychic, but the dogs found no indication that Vivi had been there. Karin then had to leave to go home to Oklahoma, but Paul went back to check up on the garage. The food treats that had been put out next to Vivis crate in the garage had not been touched.

Paul was planning another vigil in the car tonight, but a call about another sighting caused Paul to go to an apartment building in Flushing, not far from either the earlier sighting or the garage. A man who used to work with Greyhounds insists that he saw Vivi late on Sunday night. He has been extremely helpful and Paul is convinced that he is completely reliable. He says that he saw Vivis poster in a 7-11 store early on Sunday and remarked on it to his son. Looking out the window of his apartment around midnight that evening he saw what he is sure was Vivi entering the building – loose but accompanying a man. (He did not see the man well but describes him as being of about Pauls height and build.) With assistance from the caller and his wife (who works for the police department), Paul, Carol Reisman and volunteers Tina and Rosa rang the doorbells of every apartment in that building (about 40-45 in all, as per Pauls estimate). They either talked to the residents or left flyers on their doormats. They also put up additional flyers and posters in the surrounding buildings. After the others left, Paul stayed in the car to watch the door to the building and was still on the post when I last talked to him at 1:30 AM.

Although Vivi was not seen, and nobody except the man who called has seen her, it seems very likely that Vivi had been in the building. The man who saw her is adamant that this was not just a whippet, it was Vivi, and he has made it a matter of personal pride to prove that he was right.

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