Virtual Pet Monitor

The new Motorola Scout 66 will insure you never lose site of your cat while you're away.

Unfortunately, kitty can’t come with you everywhere, including longer vacations. Sometimes it works out, but with felines, doing so is difficult. That’s where the new Motorola Scout 66 digital wireless Wi-Fi pet monitor comes in.

Using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to view a clear, HD video of your kitty while you’re away, the Motorola Scout 66 easily connects to your home or office’s Wi-Fi. And with the app, “Hubble,” that comes with it, you can see what kind of mischief he or she is up to. Check up on Fluffy to make sure she’s eating and drinking properly, or whether she’s terrorizing any flip-flops laying around.

You can take high-definition pictures and video to share with your friends and family, too. Just be ready to go viral, because the quality is great!

“Motorola is known as an innovative brand,” Dino Lalvani, chairman of Binatone. the company that launches Motorola’s pet monitors, says. “Our Wi-Fi video cameras continue this tradition by offering consumers technologically advanced camera systems that are easy-to-use and provide great video quality.”

Simply place your new, self-contained Scout 66 on any flat surface, connect it to your router via Wi-Fi, and you’re set! The Hubble app comes with the Scout 66, which makes it possible to watch live video, zoom in and out and even communicate with your cat with the high-tech two-way audio.

“The Scout 66 is a great way to see exactly what is going on at home while you are away,” Jordan Riggs, president of Binatone North America explains. “You can see, hear and even speak to your pets  –  it’s the next best thing to being there.”
Features of the Scout 66 include: the “Hubble” app, digital zoom, two-way audio communication, infrared night vision, video recording, image snapshot and room-temperature monitoring. Remote monitoring via smartphone, tablet, or computer. The night vision is key when you want to see what your cat really does while you’re away and it’s dark.

“With the Scout 66 you can be almost anywhere and keep an eye on your pets,” added Riggs. “In the next room, at the office or on vacation, you can quickly and easily check in and see if everything is OK. You can use the built in intercom so you can speak to your pets enabling you to reassure an anxious pet or let them know that chewing on your shoe is a no-no.”

The Scout 66 is now available at PetSmart.

Has setting up remote video helped your cat out in any way?

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