Virtual Dog Rivals Labradors Popularity

Online game that lets children play at owning a dog tops gamers list.

Puppy Luv
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America has fallen for Puppy Luv, the fun and educational Yahoo! game that lets you and your children play at owning a dog.

The popular game, which topped the Yahoo! list of most downloaded games it beat out Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud lets users walk their virtual dog in pastoral park settings, toss him a ball at the dog park, or teach him tricks. Another fun feature allows players to enter their dogs in obedience and Frisbee competitions.

And just like real dogs, Puppy Luv dogs come with real-world responsibilities. Players must monitor the dogs for problems such as thirst and hunger, and groom them regularly if they want to continue to play. Your kids will love owning this virtual dog and you’ll get the opportunity to teach valuable lessons about responsible pet ownership.

Posted: March 27, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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