Virginia Woman Blames Petco For Tragic Death Of Her Dog

Allison Marks of Virginia claims Petco's groomers are responsible for the death of her 2-year-old Golden Retriever.

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Allison Marks posted this picture of Colby on Facebook following his death. Via Allison Marks/Facebook

A Virginia woman who took her dog in for a routine grooming at a nearby Petco is now mourning his death.

Allison Marks, a resident of Powhatan, located about 33 miles west of Richmond, told WTVR Channel 6 she dropped 2-year-old Colby off at the Westchester Commons Petco in Chesterfield County Friday. When Marks did not hear from the groomers after a couple hours, she says she called the store and was told to meet the store’s assistant manager at a nearby animal hospital. She went on to say that upon arrival, the Petco assistant manager emotionally told her Golden Retriever was accidentally left in a heated drying cage for too long.

Two-year-old Colby.

Two-year-old Colby. Via Allison Marks/Facebook

“He’s been going there since he was a puppy,” she told the local CBS affiliate. “He was my shadow. He followed me everywhere.

“He was my next soul mate,” Marks added, saying that the day Colby died was one of the worst days she’s had since her husband died. Evidence of her grief is all over her Facebook page, where she announced the death of her pup and paid tribute to him over the weekend by posting photos.

Marks said the veterinarian told her that Colby likely died of heat stroke and that the dog’s internal temperature still registered above 105 degrees Fahrenheit more than an hour after his death (a dog’s normal temperature is around 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit). Marks also told WTVR the Petco assistant manager allegedly told her “your groomer had to go because she had a graduation to go to” as the reason for Colby being left in the drying cage.

 Statement from Petco. Via WTVR

Petco has released a written statement following the death of Marks’ dog. Via WTVR

“All of us at Petco are heartbroken by Colby’s passing,” the corporation said in part via a written statement. “The health and safety of pets is always our top priority and we take full responsibility for all animals under our care.”

Marks said she wants to press charges, and WTVR reports animal control is investigating the incident. Petco is undergoing its own investigation regarding the dog’s death, according to the company’s statement.

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