VIDEOS: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Featuring Parrots

As Jon Stewart steps down as the host of the popular satirical show, we take a look at some of the segments that covered parrots.

Jon Stewart ends his run as the host of The Daily Show tonight (I’m not crying, you’re crying), and to celebrate, we’re featuring Daily Show clips featuring parrots. Even parrots got the satirical treatment, but it was easy to see how much the correspondents enjoyed interacting with them.

In this first clip, Dalai Want a Cracker, “Mo Rocca profiles a San Francisco parrot thought to be a Tibetan Lama reincarnate,” according to the Daily Show website.

In Not My Parrot!, Steve Carrell met a foul-mouthed parrot. (Warning for cursing.)

Also, The Daily Show covered “chicken boxing,” in one of the best arguments I’ve seen on anti-cockfighting.

 We’ll miss you, Jon Stewart, and we hope the parrots treated you well over your 16-year-long run.

What is your favorite Daily Show moment featuring parrots or birds? 

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