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VIDEOS: Cockatiel Sings Along To Nelly’s Dilemma

Patrick Jane takes backup and shines.

Patrick Jane takes backup and shines.

Cockatiels are known for their whistling abilities, but what about their singing abilities? Well, this ?iel, named Patrick Jane, seems to be singing along to Nelly’s “Dilemma,” and it? adorable.

The video is edited to appear like Patrick Jane is singing along, according to her owner, Dean Jeffs. “What Patrick is actually doing in this video is clearing her crop,” Jeffs told the Huffington Post. “She does this often and I’ve always felt like it looked like she was singing. … So I filmed her a few days ago and put the music behind it.”

Patrick Jane is a female cockatiel around 1 ?years old. Jeffs told the Huffington Post that he thought his ?iel was a boy when she first came home.

Patrick Jane doesn? have too many favorite songs, Jeffs told the Huffington Post.

“Patrick doesn’t really have any other favorite songs, but she LOVES people,” he explained to HuffPo. “She tweets maniacally when people leave the room (especially me), and is most happy when she it sitting on someone’s shoulder.”

Does your parrot like to sing along to songs?  

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