Videos Capture The Charm Of Pet Ferrets

Determined, mischievous and full of boundless energy, except when sleeping, ferrets in these videos demonstrate how they steal people’s hearts.

National Ferret Day is here! April 2 is now officially recognized as National Ferret Day in the United States by Chase’s Calendar of Events. What better way to celebrate these adorable fuzzballs who share our lives than by featuring a few videos from ferret owners? These capture some of the quintessential ferret action that all people who share their lives with ferrets come to know and love.

The noise happy or excited ferrets make is called dooking. Listen up for it in this video.

The world fascinates ferrets. Even something as simple as a cardboard roll provides entertainment.

It’s a game of tunnel twister as these two ferrets challenge each other to be ruler of the tunnel!

Looking for a fun way to pass an hour? Set your ferret up with a “playpen” full of balls like this one!

The grass is always greener, or in this case the water is always sweeter when it comes from a glass instead of a bowl or water bottle.

No, this ferret is not dead. But he is demonstrating the unique ferret phenomenon sometimes called Sleeping Not Dead.

Enough with watching ferret videos. Now go make videos or take pictures of your ferrets to commemorate National Ferret Day 2014!

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