VIDEO: Watch This Parrotlet Play Dead

It's too cute for words.


This little parrotlet loves to play dead after she is “shot,” and she’s absolutely adorable while she does so in this video from Tumblr user flock-talk.

It’s really easy to train a parrot, and beneficial too. Trick training can build a great bond between you and your parrot, and also makes for some fun games to play. Some parrots relish the chance to “show off” for the crowd; bird trainer Sally Blanchard often talks about her caique, Spike, saying in her article “5 Ways to Play With Your Caique:”

Spike? absolute favorite activity is to show off for people. He loves to do his tricks for me but prefers a larger audience. Whether his audience consists of one person or a hundred, he is totally aware of their response to him. The more attention and applause he gets, the more he shows off. If anyone visits my home who is at all interested in parrots, I get Spike out to show off his repertoire. He does somersaults in my hand and bounces when I wind him up. I can also point my finger at him and say, “Pow?and he rolls over on his back. Most of all, he loves it when someone applauds for him, and he usually responds by spreading his wings and swaying back and forth. 

But before you start training, first you and your parrot have to trust each other complete, according to bird trainer Tani Robar, in her article “How To Prepare Your Parrot To Learn Tricks:”

Before you begin trick training, make sure your bird is completely tame and socialized. Your bird must be willing to come to you, sit on your hand and allow you to touch its body, feet and under the wings. It should also readily take food from your hand. In other words, there must be a certain degree of trust between you and your bird before you start trick training. If you are afraid your bird will bite you, or if your bird is afraid you might hurt it, no real learning is going to take place. Complete trust is key. 

There’s no limit to what you can do with your parrot if she trusts you. So get training!

Does your bird know any ticks? Let us know in the comments! 

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