VIDEO: Watch This Parrot Laughing In A Box & Then Let’s Talk

Is this cute or disaster waiting to happen?

The Dodo recently did a post called “Bird Lost In Box Laughs About It Like A Maniac,” featuring this video. They also had a hilarious comment about it: 

“This bird absolutely has the right outlook on life. It seems like the joke’s on us, because this guy and other talking birds seem to know something we don’t about great life is. 

Now if only we could see what was so funny. Maybe this bird found the next door to Narnia and he’s laughing with all his newfound power? I guess we’ll never truly know.”

Now, a bird in a box isn’t always a good thing. Oftentimes, a bird searching for a dark place is looking for a nest. As Chris Davis explains in her article “Spring Brings On Hormonal Behaviors:

“Bird bodies may also respond to the presence of nesting sites. If your bird begins exploring dark ‘hidey holes’ around the house, its body may be telling it to be prepared for a family, thus increasing its hormone levels. If your avian friend begins burrowing in the bottom of the cage or under furniture, remove whatever it is rooting in. Do not allow it to wander around at will. Barricade its access to any dark cubbyholes or other potential nesting sites. Sometimes, this is all it takes to cool off a hormonal parrot.”

It’s best to discourage this behavior in the long run, because hormonal parrots can become aggressive. It’s nothing personal, it’s just what their bodies are telling them to do. Their instinct is telling them to protect their “nest” from others who might steal it, or harm their “babies.”

Davis provides plenty of tips on how to deter birdie hormones in that article.

What do you think? Is a bird in a box cute, or a disaster waiting to happen? 

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