VIDEO: Watch This Lovebird Jam To Music

Head banging is taken to the parrot level.

Parrots love to dance, and this lovebird is no exception. But this little lovebird really gets into it, jamming his head hard to the music. 

Did you know you can teach your parrot to bob its head to music? In the article, “Get Your Pet Bird Dancing By Teaching It The Head Bob,” writer Tani Robar says:

“Teaching the head bob bird trick is similar to teaching your parrot to nod his head yes. The difference, of course, is you want to teach your pet bird to head bob to music. Many parrots bob their heads spontaneously to various stimuli, but now you are asking your bird to bob to a given cue. There is no verbal cue to this trick, as the music becomes the cue, but the physical cue is simply a smaller version of the teaching cue.” 

What music does your bird like to dance to? Let us know in the comments. 

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